Home Alarm & Security Systems in OshawaGaining control over home security is essential for Oshawa homeowners. With data showing that break-in events are on the rise across the city in recent years, it’s important that homeowners consider the latest security systems available to protect their Oshawa home. Our team at Smart4U Security has many years’ experience in the security industry and we’re now offering automated security solutions designed to help keep homeowners in complete control of all events around their property.

Instant Data Sent to Your Phone

Using the latest Smart home automation systems from Smart4U Security, you can receive instant feedback on events that take place in and around your home. Our fully automated system offers:

  • The ability to control entrance to your home through your smart device
  • Immediate alerts to your smartphone when children arrive safely home
  • The ability to control the temperature from your smartphone
  • Direct connection with emergency personnel when an emergency event takes place when you’re away from the home
  • Immediate alerts for a full range of selected events that can occur in the home

True Control through Seamless Remote Security

By booking your services with the team at Smart4U Security, you can minimize your home security risks and save money on your home insurance throughout the coming years. Our team is committed to offering exceptional service and the latest automation solutions to homeowners across Oshawa. Choose Smart4U Security for:

  • Access to fully automated security systems built for your Oshawa home
  • A complete team of experts ready to respond to your security challenges
  • Affordable options built to fit within your family’s home budget

Our trusted team of security professionals is here to guide you in building your cutting-edge security system. To learn more about what makes Smart4U Security one of the leading local alarm companies serving Oshawa and Toronto, or speak with a security expert, call today!



Whether your customers are interested in conserving energy or having more control and insight into the activity in their home or business, emPower is the solution. For greater convenience, control and peace of mind, get them started with emPower today.


1 Touchscreen Control Panel
1 ip camera and app
4 Door or Window Sensors or existing system
1 Motion Sensor
1 Smoke Detector
25.95 and 6 months free