Security Camera Installation Toronto Surveillance Systems and CCTV Toronto

Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems Installation Toronto

  • Smart technology is enabled by motion detection and signals the surveillance system to begin recording while simultaneously notifying you & the alarm monitoring company when necessary.
  • Ability to record in high definition and when IP cameras are installed, you can monitor the activity from a remote location from any personal computer or wireless device.
  • Integrated software that performs video analytics used in facial recognition, license plate identification and even detects items on our property that have gone missing or do not belong.
  • Consistently clear, high definition video images even over large areas.

Whether you are looking to protect your home or business in Toronto or the GTA, the installation of Security Cameras & Surveillance Systems with our state-of-the-art technology is unparalleled. In the event of an incident, the ability to view your property in real-time and obtain high-definition video of the cause is priceless when it comes to deterrence and recuperation in the event of a loss.

Deter Theft & Crime in Toronto with CCTV Installation

Deterring theft and crime is not limited only to outdoor spaces when it comes to installing IP cameras as a video source. For businesses, you may wish to monitor sensitive areas such as receiving areas or around cash registers and your personal office. At home, you may choose to monitor areas where you keep valuables and place cameras where you can monitor caregivers who work in your home.

Smart4U Security is committed to providing the latest in installation of  Security Camera & Surveillance Systems technology from Analogue Security Cameras, High Definition Cameras using Mega Pixel Technology, IP (Networked Surveillance), PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Cameras as well as recording devices for maximum peace of mind.

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2 camera hd with dvr
1 touchscreen Control Panel
1 Cellular Communicator ( gsm)
1 Smart Thermostat
1 Smart Door Lock
3 Small Appliance/Light Control Module
6 Door or Window Sensors
1 Motion Sensor
1 Smoke Detector
1 Flood or Freeze Sensor
Deterrent signs and decals from chubb Edwards
Two way voice communication with monitoring station
Remote Internet Access and Control
Smart Phone App and Access and Control
Geo Services and Arming Reminders
Activity Alerts
Keyless Entry
Energy Savings
Smart Heating and Cooling Schedules
Lighting/Small Appliance Control
55.95 month 300 $
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