Home Alarm & Security Systems in ScarboroughAutomated home security systems are now bringing full control to the Scarborough homeowner. Using the latest Smart4U Smart home automation & alarm systems, you can protect your home at the touch of a button and gain information on events inside the property through your smartphone. The Smart4U Security team is here to help you capitalize on the latest smart security technology to protect your home and family for the years to come. Our commitment to home protection is one of the reasons we’re considered the specialist for security systems in Scarborough.

Affordable Security Solutions

As one of the top alarm companies in the Scarborough marketplace, Smart4U Security is now offering affordable options designed to meet the unique security challenges of local homeowners. Our systems provide:

  • Touchscreen access to live home video via your smartphone
  • Instant text messages on selected events within the home
  • Remote control over lighting and appliances in the home
  • Smart thermostats that help drive energy efficiency throughout the property

Best-in-Class Solutions

By turning to the specialists here at Smart4U Security, you can ensure complete security for your home while saving money on insurance and energy costs. Our systems are powered by Alarm.com, one of the leading within the national home security marketplace, and our team has decades of experience helping homeowners select and integrate the ideal security solutions for their home. The benefits of home security solutions are clear:

  • Save money on your home insurance
  • Secure your family against the latest threats
  • Gain peace of mind when outside the home
  • Get instant updates via your smartphone on all events within the property

Our team has been helping homeowners throughout Scarborough and Toronto secure their properties for many years. And now we’re here to help you get started on building your automated home security systems. To book your consultation today, call us directly!



Whether your customers are interested in conserving energy or having more control and insight into the activity in their home or business, emPower is the solution. For greater convenience, control and peace of mind, get them started with emPower today.


1 Touchscreen Control Panel
1 ip camera and app
4 Door or Window Sensors or existing system
1 Motion Sensor
1 Smoke Detector
25.95 and 6 months free